ON THIS TEAM: Cullen Billhartz, Kelly Chen, Dimitry Chichelnitskly, Nasir Childs, Gabe Ferns, Nathan Franz, Christian Fox, Michael “Ben” Gaudynski, Aleksandra Gurneau, Mercedes Halaska, Madeline Haworth, Andi Heffez, Austin Her, Kendall Holloway, Kevin Keyser, Daniel Lerner, Zach Lisko, Cormac Mahalik, Desmond Marion-Moore, Peter Mattingly, Ellie Millstad, Michael Motarjeme, Jonathan Norcross, Aislinn O’Dwyer, Zack Pagel, Stefan Peterson, Will Placek, Brandon Pick, Evan Rotter, Jordan Strouse, Nick Sullivan, Joe Tarnowski, Jomo Taylor, Jacob Tait, Justin Wallace, James Watson, Chris Welker, Daniel Wheeler, Daniel Whittle, David Xiong, Aaron Zetley


ULTIMATE ASCENT℠ is a two tiered game played by two alliances made of three teams. Robots score points by launching Frisbees through goals, or climbing up their alliance pyramid. During our rookie build season, our team was able to create and build two identical robots that, scored points by climbing up the pyramid. Stephan was one of the best human players, scoring many points for our alliances by launching Frisbees into the goals across field. Overall our rookie season was a memorable learning experience, opened up our new team to good relations with other teams.