ON THIS TEAM: Matthew Aussem, Kaeson Black, Ben Brod, Sid Brod, Andrew Chandler, Kelly Chen, Dayvin Cheney, Derek Dziengel, Brendan Farnum, Patrick Fliess, Antwain Fowler, John Froh, Andy Gaulke, Anna Yael Girton, Aleksandra Gurneau, Taylor Hansen, Madeleine (Madee) Haworth, Sean Hupfauf, Noah Kennedy, Jeffrey Keyser, Josh Knight, Jeremy Koritzinsky, Sedgwick Martin, Wayne Martin, Peter (Davis) Mattingly, Jack Melchert, Ellie Mittlestadt, Michael Motarjeme, Martin Muenster, Natalie Muenster, ian O’Connor, Andrew Pagel, Stefan Peterson, Brandon Pick, Mary Placek, Mitchell Reed, Ann Richards, Cameron Rigby, Quinn Rosen, Evan Rotter, Jordan Strouse, Jacob Tait, Elizabeth Tong, Amy Vanderhaut, Cierra Vine, Justin Wallace, Christopher Welker, Daniel Whittle, Georgia Wood, Van Wydeven, Niko Wynn-Beavers, David Xiong, Ryan Yelton, Aaron Zetley, Henry Zitzer


AERIAL ASSIST℠ is played by two competing Alliances of three robots each on a flat 25’ x 54’ foot field, straddled by a truss suspended just over five feet above the floor. The objective is to score as many balls over the truss and into the goals as possible during the match. There is an Autonomous Period in which robots operate independently of driver. Alliances receive large bonuses for “assists,” which are earned for each robot that has possession of the ball in a zone as the ball moves down the field. Nicolet FEAR 4786 played a large roll in each of the competitions they participated in. Our main goal when building the robot was to score in the high goal. We created a catapult type robot, but due to mechanical issues, we we’re only able to push the balls into the lower goals. Which proved quite successful in our alliances and competitions we attended.