ON THIS TEAM: Alex Acker, Ben Acker, Kieran Agterberg, Elijah Albrecht, Yogev Ben-Yitschak, Kaeson Black, Connor Calderon, John Campbell, Adrian Carter, Dayvin Cheney, Emily Chester, Francisco Cid-Roderigez, Dylan Cramer, Thomas Croft, Connor Deuser, Liechen (Lili) du Plessis, Derek Dziengel, Jennifer Froh, Andrew Gaulke, Noah Hallerman, Max Hampel, Emilie Haworth, Cassie Herda, Charles Herrenbruck, Lucas Houchin-Miller, Sean Hupfauf, Ayman (Napsy) Isahaku, Noah Kennedy, Evan Kerkman, Jeffrey Keyser, Ilya Kravtsov, RaeVaughn Lord-Huertas, Daniel Lund, Roman Lyons, Caroline Marowski, Sedgwick Martin, Guinevere Matheis, Animesh Mohapatra, Kailoni Montgomery, Ryan Morton, Martin Muenster, Emma Nischke, Helene O’Connor, Patrick O’Hare, Jonathan Parkes, Michael Rabenn, Doran Redlich, Mitchell Reed, Michael (Paco) Reyes, William Rigby, Maria Sanfilippo, Matthew Schiff, Lonnie Slocum, Thaddeus Smith, Maksim Sorin, Jordan Strouse, Daniel Sturycz, Megan Sullivan, Brendan Tan, Jake Tarnowski, Elizabeth Tong, Sam Veytsman, Wallace Watler, Brett Weiss, Daniel Whitney, Casper Woehl, Felix Woehl, Georgia Wood, Van Wyndeven, Cai (John) Yang, Konstantin Yenikeyeff-Plested, Henry Zitzer,


FIRST® STRONGHOLD℠ is a medieval tower defender game in which two ALLIANCES of three Teams each select DEFENSES to fortify their OUTER WORKS before competing simultaneously to score points while BREACHING the opponent’s OUTER WORKS and CAPTURING the opponent’s TOWER.
Our robot penetrated enemy defenses and delivered balls into low goals. We placed thirtieth at Northern Lights, and thirty-first at Wisconsin regional.


ROBOKNIGHT is Nicolet FEAR’s preseason project for the 2015-2016 season. Our team’s goal was to create a robot that would participate at a variety of school events, such as distributing t-shirts for people in attendance at an event. The robot we create will incorporate elements of both school spirit and team spirit in the forms of logos of our school, the actual design of the robot itself, or other attention getters that will make sporting and other events more fun and enjoyable for attendees. Ultimately, the purpose of this pre-season project is to educate the team on how to design and create a robot, while at the same time allowing our team to further reach out to the Nicolet community. Roboknight will attend a variety of school events such as fundraisers, pep rallies, and sporting events; and hopefully raise more awareness for the Nicolet FEAR team as well as gain more support and interest in engineering and robotics.