Current Leadership

FEAR President

The President is the highest ranking position within the student leadership structure. The Nicolet FEAR President holds their office for one calendar year, which contains one competition season. The President is elected and chosen by the members of the team from the previous season. Their responsibility is primarily the leading the team’s members toward continuing sustainability of the program and the individual growth of Team 4786 Nicolet FEAR team members. The President’s other duties include, but are not limited to:

  • The execution of Nicolet FEAR’s mission.
  • The execution of the objectives and goals of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition).
  • The oversight and running of all team meetings.
  • Development of team bonding and/or team recreational activities.
  • Working with student leaders and members, and coordinating with team mentors to generate a positive well-being for each member and a sustainable future for Nicolet FEAR.
  • Primary contact, along with Communications Vice President, for Team 4786 and all other FlRST teams/groups/persons.

Megan Sullivan

As the President, Megan Sullivan oversees the team. She makes final decisions about the team and ensures the quality of all FEAR-related products, whether it is the Chairman’s video or the competition robot.

FEAR Vice Presidents

All vice presidents are selected after completing applications and interviews with teacher mentors and the team president. Vice Presidents are primarily responsible for the creation and capture of documentation of branch benchmarks, goals, objectives, timelines, and milestones. Additionally, vice presidents are responsible for the delegation of project managers of a given project and delegation of funds to complete projects. The details of the projects will be determined as needed by the FEAR Program Director, the Mentors and the Student Leadership.

Vice President of Communications

Autumn Stelzer

As the Vice President of Communications, Autumn Stelzer is in charge of sponsorships, videos, visual media, and apparel. As the leader of communications, imagery-based products of the team are key components of her jurisdiction.

Vice President of Operations

Aviva Levin

As the Vice President of Operations, Aviva Levin is in charge of the design, fabrication, and delivery of physical products that the team makes. Her main focus is the competition robot, as well as preseason goals that are set up by the team and, most importantly, to keep everyone safe.