Current Team

The 2018 FEAR team.
ON THIS TEAM:Ross, Matthias, Kameron, Charles, Maxwell, Matthew, Philip, Mia, Christopher, Yanni, Tatiana, Owen, Langdon, Benjamin, Joshua, Alexander, Connor, Louisa, Wyatt, Matthew, Gabriel, Joseph, Daniel, Mitchell, Cameron, Sigards, Leighton, Antwaun, Jordon, Andrew, Michelle, Mustafa, Daniel, Jacob, Amelia, Alex, Benjamin, Brandon, Octavia, Max, Emilie, Cassie, Sam, Patrick, Aviva, Nhut, Natanel, Johnathan, John Paul, William, Yair, Matthew, Anna, Autumn, Megan, Caspar, Felix, Elijah, Evan, Emily, Mateo, Noah, Lucas, and Nathaniel.


FIRST® POWERUP℠ is this year’s game. It involves tilting scales and switches in the teams favor in order to score points. As well, the end game includes having to climb the scale in order to obtain more points. The alliance with more points will win the round. For more info, watch the video below.