December 8, 2016

Preseason Happenings

Well, it’s that time of the year again. No, not the holidays or winter break, although we at Nicolet FEAR are certainly looking forward to both of those. It’s time once more for the inevitable transition from preseason to build season, although this year we feel that more progress has been made than at any... READ MORE
November 17, 2016

New Management

Hi! You might have noticed that the website has started going through some changes. FEAR has reorganized and this website is now under management of the new Media Department. Please have patience as we finish bringing everything up to date. Check out our new content, including a page for our FLL® teams, the ability to... READ MORE
June 30, 2016

Nicolet FEAR Fourth of July

Nicolet FEAR will be participating in Glendale’s Fourth of July Parade and Celebration! Some of our members will be marching in the parade, along with our Robot Yount (the robot which threw the first pitch at a Brewer’s game). We are hoping to spread the message of team 4786, along with the message of FIRST... READ MORE
March 17, 2016

Duluth Wrap-Up

From Thursday, March 3rd to Saturday, March 5th, our team participated in the Northern Lights Regional in Duluth, Minnesota. Despite the bitter cold, our team ranked 4th overall at a competition of 60 teams. This event was the first real regional experienced by members of our varsity team, and proved to be a learning experience for... READ MORE
February 22, 2016

Sussex Hamilton Regional

  February 21, our team attended a practice FRC regional at Hamilton High School in Sussex, Wisconsin. 23 teams, including our own, made appearances at this event with the intention of practicing not only how to operate their robots but also how to communicate with other teams. We made great strides in practicing the driving... READ MORE
February 20, 2016

Robot Reveal!

February 17th, our team participated in the Student Smash concert at Nicolet High School. During this event, many great Nicolet artists, photographers, musicians, and singers were featured along with various programs endorsed by our school. Our team was fortunate enough to be a part of this great event, using a few minutes during the song Secrets... READ MORE
February 20, 2016

Director Progress 2/20/16

Special operations department has been working hard, completing the decorations for the defenses used at our robot reveal. They continue their work on the various awards we are to hand out to other teams, and are aiding in some more pit organization. Robot design and manufacture is finishing their touch-ups on our final competition robot.... READ MORE
February 11, 2016

Robot Reveal

On February 17th, 2016 we will be revealing the design of our robot at a concert, “Student Smash!” here at our high school. At this concert, put on by the various bands of our school, our team will reveal our robot during the presentation of the song “Secrets” by OneRepublic. We will present a painted... READ MORE
February 11, 2016

Director Progress 2/11/16

Special Operations set up the field for drivers tests in the basement. For our robot reveal on February 17th, they are currently decorating the defenses that we are using . They also put up the front of the pit in the hallway and are ready to begin the electrical work on it by next week. Another... READ MORE
February 4, 2016

The Team Breakdown – The Importance of Team Morale

Nicolet FEAR prides ourselves mainly in being a student-led team, with a large emphasis on peer support. Members going to fellow students and friends for help leads to Nicolet FEAR becoming more of a family than a team. No other aspect of our team sums this up to a greater degree than the team breakdown... READ MORE