February 16, 2016

Elizabeth Tong – President Interview

Our president, Lizzie, acts as the face of the team. She helps departments and majorly aids in the facilitation of communication between departments. Elizabeth states that this program is excellent in opening doors not only for her, but for all students. It allows everyone an equal opportunity to gain valuable scholarships, internships, and life skills.... READ MORE
February 9, 2016

Adam Thiel – Lead Mentor

Adam Thiel, our lead mentor at Nicolet FEAR has been a part of robotics programs for 7 years. We interviewed him about his thoughts on our team and FIRST in general. Day in and day out, Mr.Thiel sees students accomplish great things, and every day he states that he both learns and teaches. He sees... READ MORE
February 4, 2016

The Team Breakdown – The Importance of Team Morale

Nicolet FEAR prides ourselves mainly in being a student-led team, with a large emphasis on peer support. Members going to fellow students and friends for help leads to Nicolet FEAR becoming more of a family than a team. No other aspect of our team sums this up to a greater degree than the team breakdown... READ MORE
January 7, 2016

Mentor Interviews

Over the course of a day, we decided to interview 3 key mentors that are a part of our team. Our hopes were to see how they want to influence and affect our team, and what their goals for us are. We were able to really ascertain their thoughts about how they want to personally... READ MORE