The Team Relations Department within FEAR 4786 is mainly responsible for educating people on and off the team about FEAR and for seeking funding through various sponsorship opportunities and grants. Much of our awareness campaigns for FEAR are through community outreach programs, such as these outlined below:


Every year, the Nicolet FEAR team hosts its FLL® Open House, a night full of education and inspiration for our FLL® middle school members. Held on a typical work day, the FLL® Open House helps our FLL® team members prepare for their future in the Nicolet FEAR team and a potential career in business or engineering. Each department director will make time to speak and train the middle school students who are interested in that particular department such as robot design and manufacturing, control, business, community outreach, media, or special operations. Allowing insight into a typical work day for the Nicolet FEAR team during open house provides the training and experience necessary to be prepared for the next level of robotics!


Each year, our team participates in Nicolet High School’s Community Thanksgiving Food Drive. We collect cans and nonperishable food items as well as raise money for Centro Hispano Milwaukee. The food and money are given to many people who are in need and our team makes a big effort to collect as many cans and nonperishable food items as possible. In our first year of participation, we set our goal at 2000 cans and we ended up raising well over that amount. The entire event, while run through Nicolet High School, incorporates all schools in the Glen Hills, Fox Point and River hills area. In this way, the food drive in which our team participates allows our team to really have a larger effect on the community around us and those who inhabit it. This year our goal was to collect 4786 cans in honor of our team number, which would be divided into 63 per team member. We ended up raising 4057 cans, which is the highest we have ever raised before, and our contribution made up over 20 percent of the overall Nicolet High School donation.