January 19, 2016

Director Blogs 1/16/16

Business and Community Outreach teams created logos for matching grants, found ways to reach out to new sponsors, and established connections within companies leading to new potential sponsors. We also were able to finish rough outlines for the Media and Entrepreneurship award submissions. Final strategies for what our robot is going to be doing this year have been released by the strategy team. Along with a few specifications for the driver’s test, they plan to scout out a few more teams and solidify a playbook for the coming weeks.  

The drive team was able to finalize their main design for what the drive base is going to be and have begun to CAD their designs. Game Mech. is hard at work prototyping and brainstorming new ideas for what our bot is going to do. Programming has finished uploading the Drive Code to the online servers and began testing their autonomous codes on a test robot. As for electrical, they’ve managed to create their first design for the electrical board and make final repairs for the test bench for programming. Spec ops has been working mainly on finishing elements of the practice field; along with finishing various defenses they’ve made the player station to allow for testing of autonomous programs.