February 4, 2016

Director Progress 2/04/16

Most of the past few weeks, Strategy department has focused on running driver’s tests, rules tests, and scouting tests to determine which members would be best suited for those position. They also have continued refining parts of their strategy to make it easier to understand. We have accomplished the finalizing of the Chairmen’s and Woodie Flowers award submissions, and we also continued making buttons for our competitions. Additionally, community outreach has been hard at work finishing awards, increasing social media, and putting together a scavenger hunt.

Special Operations department finished their assembly of all of the field parts and has begun setting the practice field in our gymnasium for driver tests. Also, they have continued work in organizing the cave and brainstorming for our Chairmen’s Award visual aid. Drive department has been working hard at manufacturing parts and putting together the final idea for their drive train. Game Mechanics department has also been manufacturing parts, however they have managed to finalize their design and finish prototyping. Programming has begun repairing their PID after a few errors with RoboRIO interactions along with creating a flow chart of various game mech functions. Sensors and limit switches were added to the finalized test bench by the Electrical department.