December 15, 2015

Director Progress

On the mechanical side of the team, they are mostly working on creating prototypes and learning how to manufacture for when kickoff releases the game. The other side of the team, mostly business and programming departments are making preparations for future projects.

The electrical department, led by Jeffrey Keyser, are involved in learning how to build a test bench and the components of an electrical board. Max Sorin, the director the game mech department, has members making progress in learning about the basic manufacturing process in order to build a prototype of the T-Shirt launcher. Special operations is mainly working on e-tracks and toolbox attachments for the FEAR van until kickoff. Mitchel Reed and the drive department are working on completing drive base by the end of build season along with having a basic understanding of CAD.

The programming department is teaching members basic programming skills in order for them to have a basic understanding of PID systems, under the leadership of Sean Hupfauf. In community outreach, they are writing sponsorship letters and preparing elevator speeches in order to reach potential future sponsors. Business team is all a buzz with button designs, award designs, and updating the website.