February 25, 2017

Outing at Holy Family

We sent some representatives - including Sir Lance-a-bot - to Holy Family where we were joined by human representatives from Pius High School and 1732 Hilltopper Robotics. READ MORE
February 20, 2017

Dinner – By Toppers

Napoleon Bonaparte once said "An army marches on its stomach", and the same is true of a robotics team. It takes a lot to feed that many hungry teenagers, and we are lucky our local sponsor Topper's Pizza came through... READ MORE
February 20, 2017

Sussex Wrap-up

While Sussex-Hamilton mini regional may not have been the stunning stunt it was for a few teams (looking at you 269, Cooney Tech), we did successfully demonstrate our movement and vision code, a major achievement for our Control and RDM departments. READ MORE
February 18, 2017

Letting off STEAM

Today, as build season begins to draw to a close, we at Nicolet FEAR took a half hour to enjoy the unusually warm weather. READ MORE
February 16, 2017

Take a Look!

Our robot is entering the final assembly phase, and we in the Media Department got some pictures to share with you! READ MORE
February 14, 2017

Sparks Fly on Valentine’s Day!

In honor of Valentine's Day, here is a gallery of sparks flying in FEAR's fab lab. READ MORE
February 9, 2017

Safety FIRST!

One of the things we as a team are most proud of is our safety and certification system. Our founding and head mentor, Mr. Adam Thiel, invented the now spreading ZipTie System. What is this and why is it important?... READ MORE
February 4, 2017

FedEx Challenge-Video!

As part of our FedEx challenge, we have yet more words of wisdom from our venerable Alumni. This time... READ MORE
January 28, 2017

Checking in!

It's 24 days until kickoff, and we at media thought you might like a peek into our labs. Here's 10 scenes from around our labs. READ MORE
January 16, 2017

Alumni Video

While our alumni were in town for the Kickoff and game reveal, Media took the opportunity to interview some of them. Here is a collection of some of our best alumni telling you about the impact FEAR had on their lives and dispensing advice to... READ MORE