January 19, 2016

Director Blogs 1/16/16

Business and Community Outreach teams created logos for matching grants, found ways to reach out to new sponsors, and established connections within companies leading to new potential sponsors. We also were able to finish rough outlines for the Media and Entrepreneurship award submissions. Final strategies for what our robot is going to be doing this year... READ MORE
January 19, 2016

The Alumni Series – Jeremy Koritzinsky

Now a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin Madison, Jeremy Koritzinsky was a main part of our programming team for his time on the team. Showing interest from the time he was a freshman up until he was a senior, Jeremy loved the hands-on opportunities of the team. He loved how he was able to... READ MORE
January 19, 2016

The Alumni Series – Michael Motarjeme

Michael Motarjeme joined the team mainly interested in building robots and to hone in on what he wanted to be. He worked on the drive team for his first 2 years before being elected as president in his senior year, greatly improving his passion for engineering. When attending competitions in Illinois and Wisconsin, his networking... READ MORE
January 12, 2016

Kickoff Director Progress

Kickoff day, Spec ops built the mock up of the field so that we could play a human version of the game stronghold everyone loved it! Rules are better understood from playing the live version of the game. We all watched the global broadcast with the rest of the team and learned what this year’s... READ MORE
January 12, 2016

The Alumni Series – Quinn Rosen

We interviewed Quinn Rosen, another alumni of Nicolet FEAR, to see his thoughts about how the team affected him. During his time on the team, Quinn worked on the strategy team, however whenever he wasn’t working with managing scouting he spent time helping the RDM department. Working closely with these other departments opened him up... READ MORE
January 7, 2016

The Alumni Series – Matthew Fox

    We interviewed Matthew Fox, an alumni member of the team, on his own experiences with the team and what he has gained from the experience. He found the comradery and friendship on the team very appealing, and the growing demand for STEM related careers made FEAR an excellent choice. On the team, Matt... READ MORE
January 7, 2016

Mentor Interviews

Over the course of a day, we decided to interview 3 key mentors that are a part of our team. Our hopes were to see how they want to influence and affect our team, and what their goals for us are. We were able to really ascertain their thoughts about how they want to personally... READ MORE
December 15, 2015

Director Progress

On the mechanical side of the team, they are mostly working on creating prototypes and learning how to manufacture for when kickoff releases the game. The other side of the team, mostly business and programming departments are making preparations for future projects. The electrical department, led by Jeffrey Keyser, are involved in learning how to... READ MORE
December 9, 2015

Open House

Our President, Lizzie Tong, in cooperation with the community outreach department invited the student’s parents and other members of the community of the upcoming event. Middle school students from various area schools, mostly students that participated in the FLL program. These students expressed an interest in Nicolet FEAR robotics program and thus came here to... READ MORE
September 6, 2014

Robot Yount!

This summer we had the opportunity to create a robot to throw the first pitch for the Brewers! Students and mentors alike took time out of their summer to dedicate to Nicolet FEAR. We spent weeks designing and building Robot Yount. In the video above you can watch us test run Robot Yount before the... READ MORE