Youth Programs

The FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®) is a robotics competition organized by FIRST® for middle school students. Nicolet FEAR hosts and mentors students from our six partner school districts to teach the middle schoolers STEM skills and prepare them for high school robotics. Over 40% of current Nicolet FEAR members participated in our FLL program. This year during FLL®’s six week building season, the students, with guidance from their high school mentors, constructed a robot out of LEGO®s, programmed their robot, created a research project that helped them create an innovative solution to a space-themed problem, and focused on team building and the FIRST® core values. On November 3rd, they participated in a competition at Riverside High School, where they presented their project and competed with their robot. This year, the Golden Gadgets qualified for sectionals, while Louisa, a member of Nicolet FEAR who participated in FLL herself, won the Best Mentor Award. There is no doubt that the members of our seven FLL® teams will go on to do great things when they come and participate in the Nicolet FEAR program.


FLL® Mentors
Lead Teacher Mentor: Dan Savagian
Teacher Mentor: Alanna Koritizinsky
Teacher Mentor: Emily Knutson
Industry Mentor: Lindsey Cass