Youth Programs

The FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®) is a robotics competition organized by FIRST® for middle school students. Nicolet FEAR hosts and mentors students from our three partner middle school districts to teach STEM skills and prepare them for our FRC team. Over 40% of current Nicolet FEAR members participated in our FLL program. This year during FLL®’s season, the students, with guidance from their high school mentors, constructed a robot out of LEGO®s, programmed their robot, created a research project that helped them create an innovative solution to a local problem, and focused on team building and the FIRST® core values. On November 6rd, they participated in a competition at Riverside High School, where they presented their project and competed with their robot. This year, Neon Nano-Bots qualified for sectionals, while winning the Core Values Award. There is no doubt that the members of our four FLL® teams will go on to do great things when they join us at the FRC level.


FLL® Mentors
Lead Teacher Mentor: Dan Savagian
Teacher Mentor: Alanna Koritizinsky
Teacher Mentor: Chloe McClendon
Industry Mentor: Lindsey Cass