January 7, 2016

Mentor Interviews

Over the course of a day, we decided to interview 3 key mentors that are a part of our team. Our hopes were to see how they want to influence and affect our team, and what their goals for us are. We were able to really ascertain their thoughts about how they want to personally help our team.

“My son was a member and Thiel asked me if I would be interested in helping out the team. I genuinely enjoy working with students and helping them.” Ms. Koritzinsky is the mentor for the computer programming team who joined shortly after her son became involved with Robotics and was quick to return. Working closely with the programming side of the team, she believes that this team should be able to further the STEM skills necessary to pursue successful careers.

The father of one of the members of our team, Mr.Morton felt the only time he’d get to see his son would be at FEAR. Also, he donated time and company resources to building the new FEAR website. He believes that students should gain a greater understanding of how to work as a team to complete tasks and further the reputation of our team in the community.

Another FEAR parent, Mr. Sorin felt that the team needed more help in the mechanical department. With ample amounts of mechanical and science experience, he decided to join as a main mentor of the game mechanics and drive departments. He hopes to be able to help the team in any way that he can, however he is more interested about kids learning how to solve problems themselves. Stating “I’m interested to see how the kids will be able to create something great out of chaos.”