February 18, 2016

Nicolet Art Featured at Milwaukee Art Museum



The Milwaukee Art Museum is home to many fantastic pieces of artwork by a variety of artists. For about two months, some of the artists being featured in this museum are students from our high school, Nicolet. The Art Museum featured pieces of art produced by our students which obtained a gold or silver key. Art produced by these students was displayed right in the foyer area of the museum, allowing any attendees of the museum to see the fantastic achievement and talent of students at our high school.

Lischen Du Plessis, our special operation department director, along with a few other members of our own team were featured in this gallery. Our school’s participation in this event is one of the ways in which we interact with our community. We take pride in the fact that members of our team can achieve great things outside of robotics. All aspects of our team put a great emphasis on creativity, and we vastly support these works of art being displayed for all members of the community to see. Members of the community will be able to see the work of our students and hopefully gain further interest in Nicolet High School.