December 9, 2015

Open House

Our President, Lizzie Tong, in cooperation with the community outreach department invited the student’s parents and other members of the community of the upcoming event.

Middle school students from various area schools, mostly students that participated in the FLL program. These students expressed an interest in Nicolet FEAR robotics program and thus came here to explore further.

The interested students were led around the design and fabrication labs. They were immersed in the experience of how our team is able to be operated. Each director explained different ways how the departments help the team operate.

The students seemed to enjoy the event an exceptional amount. Their preexisting knowledge of FRC programs was further accelerated and they seemed to be very engaged in the evening’s program.

Benjamin, one of the students interviewed, stated “I really liked how everyone worked as a team and how every person in the team had a job to do. Like, it wasn’t just people sitting around doing nothing, everyone had a job within the team.”

Anna, another one of the students, said that she “Enjoyed the idea that you don’t have to just love engineering to be successful in the team. People can get involved no matter what their interests are and I liked that a lot.”