February 11, 2016

Robot Reveal


On February 17th, 2016 we will be revealing the design of our robot at a concert, “Student Smash!” here at our high school. At this concert, put on by the various bands of our school, our team will reveal our robot during the presentation of the song “Secrets” by OneRepublic. We will present a painted drawbridge as the song begins, and our robot will be driven through this drawbridge and do a routine for the audience involving the ramparts and moat obstacles. After or along with this presentation, we intend to have a conversation with the audience about who we are and what this robot is meant to do in this year’s game.

This presentation will be a further attempt of our team to involve ourselves with the local community in a more meaningful way. Our team always seeks out further recognition within our high school, and presenting what our team is able to do at an event which much of the student body will attend should certainly aid our attempt. Nicolet FEAR, at this specific event, hopes to raise awareness of our team, solidifying its significance to the members and gaining support from any community members who happen to be attending.