February 22, 2016

Sussex Hamilton Regional



February 21, our team attended a practice FRC regional at Hamilton High School in Sussex, Wisconsin. 23 teams, including our own, made appearances at this event with the intention of practicing not only how to operate their robots but also how to communicate with other teams. We made great strides in practicing the driving and overall strategy of how to utilize our robot. Our team was able to score many points by crossing defenses and scoring in the low goal, showcasing the way in which we can have a stable robot ready a week before stop build day even comes around! Additionally, our drivers gained a far greater understanding of the capabilities and limitations of our robot.

Team 4786’s presence was felt by all teams at this event, with our impassioned team cheers and our copious amounts of outreach to other teams. Community outreach and business department members spent a vast amount of time in the pit and cafeteria areas, making contact with members from other teams and gaining a greater understanding of their programs. We handed out business cards, buttons, and, most of all, team spirit. Cheers from our area of the stands could be heard throughout the facility, establishing our presence as a team who extends our arm over the whole competition.

For future regional competitions, which many of the teams we met with are planning to attend, we conducted large amounts of scouting of other teams. In the stands, team members collected information about various robots during each match and wrote them down on customized scouting sheets. This information was relayed back to the cafeteria, where it was entered into a spreadsheet recording the effectiveness of each team’s robot. The Sussex Hamilton practice regional was a fantastic experience very representative of what we can expect from our other regionals; involving aspects of community outreach, scouting, and, of course, robots.