December 13, 2016

Safety Captain Reveal!

In order for Nicolet FEAR to grow and move forward, it is important that we have strong student leaders in a variety of roles. One of these roles is that of the team’s safety captain. It’s a required role as part of the FIRST Robotics Competition, and it’s critically important to the structure of the team. The safety captain typically:
1. Coordinates, delivers, and tracks safety training for the individual team members.
2. Provides support for any safety questions or concerns that may arise.
3. Conducts safety inspections of the general work site, especially the robot construction area. This also applies to the Pit Station during competition events.
4. Encourages the team to display positive safety behaviors at all times.
We are pleased to announce Jessica Tuszynski as the safety captain for the 2016-2017 season! We know that she will do a great job and will do the team proud. 🙂